Hey there, thanks for stopping by my name is Myra Smith. I have been practicing and teaching mindfulness and meditation for about ten years. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment with curiosity and acceptance. It’s simple and not always easy.

When I started learning about and practicing mindfulness I experienced great transformation. I found the practices so helpful that I had to share them with my students in the high school where I taught. I saw transformation in them too.  I often get emails or messages on social media from former students letting me know that they still practice and are still experiencing the benefits of practice, years after being in my classes.

I believe in the positive impact of mindfulness and sharing what I have learned is my mission. I love working with with all ages and especially, young people. Y’all are rad and fun and funny!

Mindfulness is not all about bells and incense. It’s real stuff that you can do to navigate your life differently. I am not saying that you will not have any stress or problems. I am saying that you can learn to approach those things in a more sane and helpful way.

This is Roscoe (and me). He is really mindful. He says that you should give mindfulness a try.

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